What can I work on in coaching?

This short post is all about some of the topics we can discuss in coaching.

I’ve written it because sometimes people tell me they’re not sure how coaching might work because they don’t know what’s possible.

To keep it nice and simple, I’ll just list out the most common topics that can come into my coaching.


  • Energy management, building energy and harnessing energy.
  • Emotional disregulation and becoming more regulated.
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • Discovering your core self and unmasking
  • Motivation and action-taking
  • Clarity in thinking/organisation (reflection skills, planning skills and systems, prioritisation, setting goals)
  • Hobbies, habits and routines
  • Living and working in line with your neurodivergent strengths, preferences and values (great for burnout prevention!)

These are the topics that are discussed most often and which I am deeply interested in. I also research these topics professionally and dip into the science often. My particular favourite topic is on helping people to regulate so they feel zesty and energised!

If you need to talk through what’s going on for you in one of these topic areas, reach out for a free consult here.

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