The Quirky Brain Coach

Evidence-based coaching from a trained positive psychology coach

Coaching delivered in a way that works for your quirky brain

Supportive, warm, reflective discussions with immediate impact

Coaching that works for your quirky brain.

Coaching that works for your quirky brain.

Help with energy, motivation, focus and wellbeing.

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Meet Your Coach


Hello! I’m Becci. I am autistic and have ADHD. I champion neurodivergent academics, researchers and thought leaders to work with their brain so they can meet their needs, live authentically, and make progress on research goals and professional ambitions. Find out how I can support YOU and your ideas below.


How Coaching Works

Coaching is a helping relationship using questioning, feedback, encouragement and executive functioning supports to help you with your goals and wellbeing.

Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching brings the science of flourishing into coaching. It offers brain-friendly tools for regulation, motivation, focus, energy and executive functions.

Coaching For Quirky Brains

Quirky brain coaching is similar to coaching for the neuro-majority. However, it includes specific tools for planning, goal setting, reflecting and celebrating.

Access To Work Funding

Coaching is a great investment. If it relates to employment, the government might award you Access to Work funding.


What To Expect

Supportive, friendly and reliable online coaching from an encouraging, enthusiastic and experienced AuDHD coach.


My coaching sweet spot is building energy, motivation, confidence and wellbeing. I do this by helping you with goals, habits, plans and routines. Authenticity is key. I can help you with all the things below.



Weekly online spoken or typed sessions on a topic of your choice to help you achieve your goals and feel energised and regulated.


Looking to implement neuro-affirmative, neuro-inclusive coaching in your organisation or training programme? I can advise.

Public Speaking

I’ll share with you my lived experience as a late-diagnosed AuDHD woman. What would your audience like to know?

Executive Coaching

Neurodivergent and in a senior role? Perhaps a business owner? Growth-focused coaching for neurodivergent professionals.

Opening Hours





7.30am to 1pm

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