I offer coaching for autistic, ADHD and AuDHD adults. My bespoke personal coaching programmes run from 8-12 weeks. (Coaching through Access to Work may run for longer, depending on your assessment.) You will tell me what you would like to understand, process or achieve through the coaching, and I will conduct reflective and awareness-raising conversations with you so you can get that on your own terms. 

All sessions, communications and exercises are designed with your personal needs and the research from psychology and neuroscience in mind. My specialist themes in coaching are zest, energy, motivation, authenticity, unmasking, executive functioning and goal/habit formation. Reach out for a free consultation

Post-diagnosis coaching

Are you recently diagnosed as ADHD/autistic or both?

It’s now your chance to find out what is written on the pages of the user manual to your brain. Work with me to find out, who you are, and what you want and need in life or work to help you be contented, energised and well. 

Popular post-diagnosis topics are masking and authenticity, identifying and meeting needs, overcoming perfectionism and energy management. Post-diagnosis coaching runs for 3-6 months, and nothing is off-the-shelf. 

To build a bespoke curriculum and programme of coaching conversations, we need to email or talk about what you need and how I can help so reach out for a consult, telling me what you need in your message. 

Academic coaching

Are you a neurodivergent researcher? Would you like to explore goal-setting, research design, executive function supports for academia, motivation for your work, and energy management and enthusiasm as an academic? 

I have a PhD and am research active, and used to be both a lecturer and a proof-reader and mentor for early career academics. I am also a member of the FHEA and have a PgCAP, with interests in inclusive pedagogy and the generation of interest through educator enthusiasm. 

If you would like to understand how you can make research and/or teaching work for your neurodivergent needs, this is something we can work on in coaching. If you have large projects such as books or grants, I can help you complete these with the appropriate executive function and motivation strategies so you enjoy what you are doing more and it does not tire you out as much. Get in touch if you would like to chat.


The modern workplace can be unwelcoming and unsupportive if adjustments, supportive management and awareness of your needs is not yet in place.

Through the Access to Work scheme, you may be awarded co-coaching for you and a line manager or mentor. In co-coaching we work together on setting desired outcomes around getting you the desired communication, awareness and support in the workplace.

As part of this, your manager or mentor receives 121 coaching (which I can bespoke for your profile and needs) to set your workplace up for greater wellbeing, engagement and enjoyment on your side. Ask in your Access to Work assessment about this service and explain why it would benefit you. Then reach out to me to check my availability.

Awareness training for colleagues

Whether it’s covered by Access to Work or by your organisation, I can help with beginning to generate an aware, accepting and neuro-affirmative culture to support you in your working environment. 

Working with you as the starting point, we explore what you want your colleagues to know, understand and do and craft awareness training sessions that I deliver, allowing me to be the advocate and trainer who influences hearts and minds to create a more accepting and kind workplace. This removes the burden of advocating from you to a degree, helping you with your energy levels and your own priorities. Ask for a consult if interested.

Neuro-affirmative coach training

Are you a coach or do you work for a coach training organisation?

Perhaps you are in sales (where I have extensive experience), a sector that has a higher-than-average percentage of neurodivergent people, but some of the lowest amounts of proper coaching – let alone coaching that is crafted to include and engage neurodivergent employees.

If you would like to know how you can make your personal coaching practice more neuro-affirmative and inclusive or you manage a team with neurodivergent members, and you don’t know how to coach them (or develop your coaches), then I can help. 

Reach out for me for a discovery call so I can understand your needs and offer you insight as to what we could craft together to help. 

Corporate training

I build and deliver bespoke training for small-to-large groups. I offer standalone workshops or complete programmes on the following topics:

  • Neuro-affirmative coaching techniques and practices
  • Coaching for quirky brains in the workplace
  • Practitioner training for those working with autistic or ADHD adults
  • Specific coaching techniques and tools for supporting neurodivergent adults with zest and self-regulation

Reach out for a whiteboard collaboration session to find out what we can make together!