I offer life, well-being and habits coaching for autistic, ADHD and AuDHD adults. My bespoke personal coaching programmes run from 8-12 weeks and support you and your quirky brain with goals, energy, motivation, self-regulation and authenticity and confidence.

All sessions, communications and exercises are designed with your personal needs and the research from psychology and neuroscience in mind.


Are you looking to create a product, service, learning programme, or workplace coaching strategy that requires the input of a neurodivergent coaching psychologist or education specialist? I am happy to consult and collaborate with you to develop this.

Reach out for a whiteboard collaboration session to find out what we can make together!

Executive Coaching

Workplace and organisational coaching for neurodivergent adults – if there is any at all – are usually focused on getting people into work and keeping them there. Quirky brains exist in all roles and at all levels of employment. Talk to me about tailoring high-level coaching to your needs.

Public Speaking

My life story is certainly interesting. Discover how I went from burnt out to diagnosed and thriving and how my experience can inspire your audience and unlock understanding of neurodiversity.


I build and deliver bespoke training for small-to-large groups. I offer standalone workshops or complete programmes on the following topics:

  • Neuro-affirmative coaching techniques and practices
  • Coaching for quirky brains in the workplace
  • Practitioner training for those working with autistic or ADHD adults
  • Specific coaching techniques and tools for supporting neurodivergent adults with zest and self-regulation

Reach out for a whiteboard collaboration session to find out what we can make together!