Meet Becci

I’m Becci. I’m autistic and have ADHD. I am a coaching research practitioner working with autistic, ADHD and AuDHD adults. I live in West Yorkshire with my cats and dogs.

In my spare time, I love hiking, researching coaching, travel, learning languages, and listening to true crime podcasts. My favourite podcasts are Red Handed and The True Crime Enthusiast.

I’m an enthusiastic habit tracker and try to walk, meditate, and do yoga every day. I am happiest and feel most alive when I’m walking through the hills of Calderdale with my little cockapoo, my best friend Mossy.

My Credentials

I am a trained executive coach and positive psychology coach who specialises in evidence-based coaching for neurodivergent adults. I have been coaching since 2018 and I have coached groups and individuals.

I hold a level 5 certificate in executive coaching and mentoring from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I achieved my level 5 diploma in positive psychology and my level 5 diploma in positive psychology coaching practice during the pandemic. 

My PhD is in linguistics. When I was a university lecturer, I studied for a postgraduate certificate in academic practice, and won an award for outstanding and innovative teaching practice. I have also worked as the Head of Education and Coaching for a sales education company. 

Currently, I completing a level 7 qualification (equal to a research masters) in best coaching practice for coaching autistic adults and training autistic adults as coaches.

I am fully insured and am a member of a professional body, the Positive Psychology Guild. I follow a code of ethical practice and professional values. 

Finally, I am committed to continuous professional development and lifelong learning. I am engaging in another training qualification to support the development of excellent coaching and ND coach training programmes.

In short, with me, you’re working with someone committed to high standards and effective, safe coaching practice.

Research Practice

My current research project is provisionally entitled “Coaching for autistic adults AS the workplace”. The objectives of the project revolve around discovering best practices for developing coach training for autistic adults seeking to deliver effective, accessible, and inclusive coaching to autistic clients. 

I have (and embody) deep coaching and psychology research interests in:

  • Zest (energy, interest, enthusiasm, and motivation)
  • Self-regulation (hobbies, habits, routines, and calming practices)
  • Habit development and habit change
  • Inclusive and effective coaching practice for a range of quirky brains
  • Positive education training practice for autistic adults wishing to become coaching (looking at autonomy, self-directed learning, and the role of interest and enthusiasm in trainee coaches)

Are you a positive psychology and/or coaching researcher? Get in touch if we have areas of common interest that you’d like to discuss or collaborate on!

Opening Hours





7.30am to 1pm