Is Coaching For Me?

For coaching to work and for it to be safe, it needs to happen under the right conditions. 

When I consult with you, one of the first things we look at is if you are ready for change and hopeful for change. We also discuss your current well-being and active mental health diagnoses. 

If you have goals and aspirations for you and your life and are excited and hungry to work on these, you’ll be a great candidate for coaching. If you have 2-3 things that you know for sure you want to work on, even better – concrete goals are a sign that it’s time for coaching!

However, if you are experiencing active trauma, are deep in a significant depression, or are in the depths of a burnout, coaching is unlikely to be effective or safe. 

I’ll never knowingly take on a client who should be working with a different type of practitioner, as this is unethical and can cause harm. This is why consultation is important.

I know a range of neurodivergent and highly qualified therapists who I can refer you to if I am not the person to work with right now. I also work closely with a semi-speaking coach who specialises in semi- or non-speaking clients and can provide a referral if you prefer this.

About The Consultation

The consulting process is about making sure you’re happy and comfortable with me, and that I feel I can help you…ethically and effectively. 

Depending on your preferences, we can consult on Zoom or phone or via email and instant messaging. 

The initial consult takes up to 45 minutes. I ask you about:

  • Who you are 
  • What your goals and hopes are for coaching
  • Your current wellbeing
  • Current areas of challenge or things you wish to change
  • Your mental health
  • Your preferences in communication and coaching sessions

I’ll also explain again who I am, what coaching is and isn’t, my areas of expertise, and what you can realistically expect to get from the coaching in light of what you share with me.

You can ask any questions you need before, during and after the session. There is no need to make a decision right away and there is never a “hard sell”. However, if I think that I’m not the best person to support you, I will tell you and will refer you to a more suitable practitioner.

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