Coaching is all about setting authentic goals, making plans and feeling confident and empowered to follow through on these.  Coaching is a helping relationship using questioning, feedback, encouragement, reflection and executive functioning tools. These all help you obtain your desired coaching outcomes and improve your wellbeing.  You can work on whatever ambitions, topics and goals are important and useful to you. This is your process and you are in charge! We also go at your pace.  Coaching isn’t therapy, though, and if you feel in need of mental health support, then I can refer you to a neurodivergent therapy firm. Just ask. However, a free consultation can help you decide a safe and suitable path. To know more about how my positive psychology coaching style works, keep reading. (And you can always send me an email if you have particular questions – I love chatting about coaching itself!) You can also download my brochure here to learn more and see my rates.

How Coaching Works

In coaching, I use questions, feedback and executive functioning supports to help you decide what you’d like to do, plan how to do it, and celebrate and build on your successes. All the tools are tailored for you and for your quirky brain. 

The real magic of coaching, however, lies in what you think and do in between sessions, so we’re both contributing together to the success of the coaching at all times. It’s a team effort.

In myself and my clients, I see that coaching works by creating a dedicated time and space away from worries and distractions. In this space, we can actually pay attention to our thoughts and needs, and we are better able to notice what we feel and what we want. The accountability and encouragement of the coach help you to actually have a chance of making the changes you choose.

Coaching with me involves a set of 8, 10 or 12 weekly sessions. Each week, you pick a topic or area of development you’d like to make progress in to help you get to your coaching goals. This time frame is essential to help you embed any desired habits or changes. Change that sticks takes time. 

Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching brings the science of flourishing into coaching. In sessions, we use models and theory to help us make sense of your situation so you can work out what to do next. 

Positive psychology coaching offers brain-friendly tools for self-regulation, motivation, focus, energy and executive functions. 

The field of positive psychology has been described as the art and science of wellbeing. Well-researched topics in this field include autonomy, authenticity self-acceptance, self-regulation, motivation, and emotional regulation. As such, it’s a naturally neurodiversity-affirmative approach to coaching. 

With positive psychology coaching, you can be who you are in sessions. (It’s also a kind and validating approach for neurodivergent adults looking to unmask safely outside of coaching sessions.)

Coaching For Quirky Brains

Quirky brain coaching is similar to coaching for the neuro-majority. However, it includes specific tools for planning, goal setting, reflecting and celebrating. We need these things in order that the coaching can actually make an impact that sticks around long after your coaching has finished. 

My coaching is centred around who you are and what you want and need. This means we can make lots of adjustments to the whole process to make you feel comfortable and be able to go through your programme. 

I will tailor your coaching to suit what your quirky brain needs. Need a reminder for the session? We can do that. Notes afterwards? No problem. Planning sessions in advance (or maybe the opposite)? Recording our session? Sure. I’ll ask you about your needs and preferences when we scope out your bespoke coaching programme.

What To Expect

You can expect supportive, friendly and reliable online coaching from an encouraging, enthusiastic and experienced AuDHD coach. 

You can expect evidence-based, tried-and-tested coaching exercises and executive function supports. 

Before we start, you can expect a free consultation and a scoping session. Then I’ll collaborate with you to create your tailored coaching programme and set out a timeline.

We will keep the same days and timeslots for appointments. You can plan your session topic in advance or decide to tell me on the day. If you need questions or prompts in advance, we can do this too. It’s important that you feel supported and that you know what’s happening each step of the way.

Access To Work Funding

Coaching is a great investment to make in yourself. It’s a chance for you to create dedicated time and space to foster lasting change in a short timeframe. 

However, if you are currently unable to finance a programme of coaching, those benefits remain unavailable to you. If you need coaching to support you with work practices and work goals – especially to do with executive functioning – then the government may offer you funding for 6+ hours of coaching through Access to Work. 

Apply with them, and ask them about working with me as the supplier. It takes about 4-6 months for everything to go through currently so apply today if you’re interested.

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