How can you build a habit that lasts for 300 days?

Habit tracking/habit streaks is not for everyone. However, if you do find this approach motivating and interesting, you can read on to get ideas about how YOU might like to do it.

I am at 300 days of consecutive meditation!

So how the heck did I get to this point?

First of all (and this is a tricky one for ADHDers often), I got really clear about what I wanted and WHY.

Often, we don’t embed habits because we forget how much they help us and how good they make us feel. For this, I spoke to my own coach and to my girlfriend to talk about the benefits of meditation so I could get clear that this is something that definitely helps me.

Then, I started to put supports and strategies in place so that I would want to and remember to meditate.

I use the Headspace app so I can see my progress. This increases my motivation to meditate.

I set an alarm for bedtime to “mop up” if I have forgotten to meditate in the day. That way, I don’t go to sleep without meditating.

I anchored my meditation to other things I am going to do anyway to increase the chance I will remember…and I chose something I do all the time…coaching! As such, I often meditate for a few minutes before a coaching call with you wonderful folks!

Then, I made it small and doable. When I say a few minutes, I really mean a few. We do what is easy. Easy for building a habit means keeping the time down. I only meditate for 5 and sometimes 10 minutes at a time. I’m not doing this for hours, making me more likely to be able to do it.

Finally, I share my progress publicly as part of holding myself accountable but also because this is connected with my values.

I love to help other people. As such, any habit that connects even loosely to my values tends to happen. In sharing how I got to 300 days of meditation, I might help you to build a habit. This is why I always try to be transparent with my habits and successes.

Together, all of these strategies got me to 300 days!

It probably seems a lot…and it is.

Which is why you start small, build up, be kind to yourself, and get help and encouragement where you need it.

If you would like to learn how to build up ANY kind of habit that would help you feel differently or better, I do that with so many of my clients. Just get in touch for a consult!

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