Could co-coaching boost your to line manager support you?

The need for a supportive environment in the workplace The modern workplace can be challenging for ADHD and autistic adults. In a recent report (Willis Towers Watson, 2023), over 70% of neurodivergent employees said they had a co-occurring mental health condition, and over 50% said they

What is perfectionism and what can you do about it?

The American Psychological Association (2023) defines perfectionism as “the tendency to demand of others or of oneself an extremely high or even flawless level of performance, in excess of what is required by the situation” . Joachim Stoeber (2018), a researcher on perfectionism, says that it

Supporting a neurodivergent direct report – 5 things you can do

I work with many managers in sales organisations, law firms and the NHS about how to support their direct reports through effective performance management and coaching. In my conversations with line managers, it becomes clear that line managers often have a clear intention to support neurodivergent

This wasn't me. I recently almost suffered a big burnout. Low energy and a lack of positive experiences started to affect my energy and zest levels massively.

What’s your number 1 priority? Is it energy management?

What’s your number 1 priority? Is it energy management? What happened to me: a near miss with burnout Recently, I almost burned out. I was taking on too much work and saying yes to too many things. Due to the changes with the lights and the

Insider’s guide to choosing a great coach

What to consider when choosing a coach Coaching can be thought of as a professional helping relationship that helps you make progress on an area of self-development or self-chosen goals that you have. One of the top reasons people come to coaching is in order to

The Bones of a Theory of Zest and Self-Regulation

Notes for context: I wrote the below rough outline of a theory of zest and self-regulation in 2022. This piece makes reference to academic work but does not include full in-text or end-of-text references as yet. I will add these when I have time and energy.

How I prepared to meet my sensory needs for an amazing trip of a life time

Discover how I found out my sensory needs for base camp and how I planned to influence my sensory experience - and how you can learn to do this in a safe way that works for you.

Coaching can boost executive functions. Executive functions are the brain processes that help you to function in the world such as directing attention, remembering things, planning and motivation. ADHD and autistic people report challenges in some of these areas. Coaching can help you boost your executive functions.

3 ways that coaching boosts your executive functioning

3 ways that coaching boosts your executive functioning Yesterday, I had a conversation about what content I produce. I received the feedback that I do not write enough content about what coaching is, how it works, and how it directly supports certain neurotypes. On reflection, I

How to create an amazing MAP of motivation by meeting your needs around tasks

How to create an amazing MAP of motivation by meeting your needs around tasks I have a lot of coaching conversations with people about motivation. People tell me they’re low on motivation. They can’t get started – even with things they like. That it’s hard to

Breaking tasks down – love it or hate it?

You know when people tell you to just “break the task down”? I always hated that advice, in the past. If I’m honest, I didn’t want it to work. Imagine my initial disdain and annoyance when I found out that this advice can sometimes be of