Are you a researcher who waits for “the summer”?

What is “the summer”?

When I was working in a university, I often used to talk about “the summer”.

During term-time, I was always deeply focused on my teaching activity. I felt this was right and proper (in any case, it was necessary) and ALSO my teaching brought me immense joy.

I also was deeply interested in the best way to make my sessions engaging, inclusive and effective for the students. I spent a lot of time researching the best ways to do this.

The result of all of that was I’d never find the time or bandwidth for my own research, and, instead, I’d tell myself that I’d wait for “the summer” to get some research done.

Only, “the summer” never really came. Instead, teaching would be finished, and I would be tired. I’d also lack the structure that the teaching weeks would bring.

I also would often have no one around me – at work or at home – who I could discuss my ideas with…something that I really need to get motivated for aspects of academic life that are IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT. Papers and books, in other words versus the marking script in front of me.

I was not diagnosed at that time. I am now. And I am still research active. “The summer” is now here. If it’s to be more for us than just a mythical period of creativity and become a time where ideas are actually made real and concrete in the world, something has to shift.

Questions for you to reflect on…

So, if you are someone who researches…have you been waiting for “the summer” to come?

What is your key project or idea that you hope to bring to life during the next 2-3 months?

What is your plan and your process for connecting with that research while staying energised, well and authentically motivated? Do you even have a plan?

Making real use of “the summer”

If you don’t have a plan but you’d like one, it is something that a workplace supervisor, a research collaborator OR a neurodivergent coach like me can help with.

If you’re thinking about working with a coach, it’s possible to create a shorter but bespoke run of coaching that targets a specific piece that you’d like to guide into the world.

If you know that you’re struggling to get the ideas out that will help you in your academic career, I am here to tell you that it’s something that can be tackled, and faster than you think!

If you reach out for a consult, you can tell me all about your idea and what you’re struggling with. With a signature strength of curiosity, I LOVE hearing about the ideas of other researchers.

Get in touch before “the summer” leaves once more…

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